3 Common Misconceptions About Going Paperless

If you’re considering switching to a paperless e-signature solution for your business, you probably have some lingering concerns that need to be answered before you make your complete switch. That’s why, we’re here to walk you through the top 3 common misconceptions about going fully paperless:

1. “Electronic documents are not as secure as paper documents.”

This is false. When you use an e-signature solution to save, send, and sign your documents, you’re also using reliable and secure e-signature technology along the way. Many e-signature companies, such as SignNow, for example, use SOC 2 Type II Certification to secure your documents and make sure they’re legally binding and fully accepted.

When you consider it, physical documents can easily be lost during transportations, and physical files can quickly be modified or tampered with, which makes the signing process insecure and untrustworthy. A paperless workflow is much more secure than a physical, paper-based system because e-signatures are properly encrypted and have tamper-evident software tied to them.

2. “Switching to an e-signature solution is a waste of money and time.”

Switching to a paperless, e-signature solution will actually save you much more money and time compared to physical, manual and laborious systems. E-signatures eliminate the need for items such as paper, stamps, ink, envelopes. E-signatures also eliminate the need to fax, scan, copy, sign, send, and manually file documents, which saves you plenty of time to focus on what’s really important: your business.

3. “The technology for a paperless solution is more complex and hard to understand.”

In our digital day and age, the technology for e-signature and paperless solutions today are not complicated to use. With an e-signature solution, there’s no need for large filing cabinets or server rooms, and nothing new needs to be installed. The standard paperless office today doesn’t have a scanner, but an electronic storage service, such as the cloud, which better organizes your operational processes and office space.

In addition, some e-signature solutions, such as SignNow, offer phone-line support and online 24/7 support, so that all of your e-signature questions can be answered. Additionally, SignNow offers free, live weekly webinars so that your questions can be answered in person, by a SignNow representative… now that’s paperless technology at its finest!

Switching to a paperless, e-signature solution provides numerous benefits for yourself and your organization; eliminate all manual, costly paper-based processes, and replace them with a cost-effective, electronic document management solution.