Are We Too Attached to our Personal Devices?

How many people do you know that don’t own a cell phone? How many people in your life are living without a facebook, instagram, or any social media account?

The answer is probably few to none.

Technology is becoming more and more mainstream, making it unusual if people don’t participate in the digital world.

It’s a bit alarming when so many people are constantly glued to their phones. The overuse of technology can become a problem when people sacrifice personal and physical relationships for online relationships and how people view them online. Think to the last time you witnessed a group of people sitting together, yet all of them were engrossed in their phones or tablets. Is technology ruining our face-to-face interactions? Often times, technology takes us away from the present moment and into a place of superficial, digital reality.

But is this shift into the digital space a bad thing? Not entirely.

Because of our mobile devices, we can reach almost anyone at anytime. We can meet new people and stay connected with people we haven’t seen in years. We can build and foster relationships from miles away. We can strengthen businesses and become online consumers – with minimal effort, time, and money. We can make payments, book travel plans, and we can even sign and send legal documents with the utmost security and efficiency.

The technological revolution has pushed us and is still pushing us toward a paperless world–especially in business settings. In the 2017 SignNow Paperless Office Report, 52.5% of those surveyed said they were “already paperless or expect to be entirely paperless by the end of 2018.” Each year, we are seeing more and more people expand into this digital space, meaning more dependency on technology, however it also means more people are receiving the benefits of the electronic world. 

With technology the possibilities are truly endless and with each upgrade, the boundaries are getting pushed farther and farther.

Technology has allowed us to establish global interconnectivity and stability. There is more opportunity for free speech, personal branding, communication and organization. Without it, our society would not progress as quickly as it has.

It has given us the opportunity to develop more trust in each other as well as in our technology. The tech industry has lead us toward a more secure and knowledgeable world.

So yes, people can become consumed in their electronics, but these devices do more good than harm. It’s imperative to be able to keep a balanced life between reality and digital reality. There are healthy ways to go about this; the first is to know when to use and when not to use your mobile devices. An article published by Forbes, 7 Highly Effective Tech Habits, highlights this as well as other ways of living a balanced life.

However, the fact is we owe a lot to technology.

Our daily tasks are completed with ease, our apps can do virtually anything and everything – making our lives so much easier. All the while, technology has given us the chance to connect with one another on a deeper, digital level from all over the world.