Best Ways to Improve Your Company’s Digital Presence

Although there isn’t much you can do about changing social algorithms or modifying search engines, there are plenty of adjustments you can make to your digital strategy that’ll impact customer’s decisions and significantly improve your business’s digital presence.

Successful businesses set themselves apart from their competitors by offering unique solutions that give users a reason to visit your website or contact your business. For example, Zappos, an online e-commerce company that sells shoes, sets the standard for online customer care by investing in appealing company policies for digital shoppers, such as a 365-day money back guarantee and free online shipping policy. American Express (AMEX) also provides a great digital presence by organically engaging with their online customers.

Do you want to have a strong digital presence like Zappos or AMEX? Below are four ways you can improve your company’s digital presence without depending on search engines or social networks:

Create a powerful user experience

Digital consumers are constantly browsing the web;however, they aren’t going to patiently wait for websites to load, and they won’t spend a lot of time searching for a product or service that they can’t find. Creating a rich user experience has become a huge importance for search engines. In fact, ESPN jumped 35% after listening to their users and incorporating suggestions into their homepage design.

A website needs to be easy to understand and simple to navigate for consumers. By examining data analysis and working with heat map technology, you can assess how many users are on your site and also determine areas for improvement. Heat map providers such as Appsee Mobile Analytics provides touch heatmaps to help businesses understand how their users interact, for instance. Heatmaps help companies visualize the “big data” and further understand the user interaction and experience.

Increase data security

It’s incredibly important that you increase data protection and security for your business.With the rise in ransomware and cyber threats, businesses should improve their internet security to protect their customer data. Many CEOs of Google, Facebook, and Twitter, for example, have all had their personal social accounts hacked; this is because they repeated old passwords, had unsecure public information, and no double-factor authentication.

You must keep your company information private in order to prevent hacking, public embarrassment, or company disasters. To enhance your company’s reputation and ensure trust with your customers, take online security seriously. This year, 155 countries were attacked with ransomware, including 200,000 individuals from hospitals, government agencies, and universities.  Ransomware is a massive malicious threat that many companies, including recent Ukraine-based outlets, have encountered.

To prevent ransomware from impacting your business, consider increasing your digital security and document protection using legally-binding electronic solutions, like an e-signature platform, and network security system companies like Barracuda Networks. Make sure you utilize today’s technology and choose the right technologies for your company.

Display your premium products first

Oftentimes, users are bombarded with products while surfing the web, and they hardly have the patience to examine each and every item being offered. Because making decisions can be exhausting, especially for online shoppers, it’s important that you simplify the process for consumers.

Rather than displaying all of your products on your homepage, create a page that offers a curated selection of your best products. Describe what customers can anticipate from each product, and why the products are well-suited for them. Nike, for instance, displays their latest, high-rating products on the homepage, with links embedded describing the appealing,  synthetic quality. Nike’s product icon is also in strong relation with the company logo, making them unique from other shoe brands.

Achieve strong project management

Talented and highly skilled project managers consider the “big picture” and determine how their products or services can enhance the lives of their customers. It’s important for project managers to effectively place their products in the marketplace, identify future marketing hazards, and find solutions to combat those said hazards.

Strong project management also involves projecting future markets. By providing insight to possible problems down the road, businesses can more easily adapt to change and evolve their products with customer demand.  Managers also have vital project management skills, such as strong leadership and assertiveness, time management, cost control, critical thinking, and effective internal communication, which is communication between team members and customers within the company.

Remember, creating a powerful online presence doesn’t come overnight; however, with continuous dedication, research, and engagement, your company can become a digital marketing success. Additionally, if you’re struggling to deliver effective internal communication, there are plenty of resources out there available for you.