E-Signature Solutions in Real Estate

Ever since e-signatures were legitimized by the UETA in 1999 and ESIGN Act in 2000, the sign, scan, fax, print, repeat method has become a thing of the past. Since then, strides have been made across industries, but perhaps the most affected industry is one that relies heavily on signatures–Real Estate.

Why is E-Signature important for Real Estate?


Whether you’re an agent, a client, a broker, or a seller, it is essential that paperwork gets signed in an efficient and timely manner. Electronic signature has given us the ability to do this. Many times, those in Real Estate will have to deal with several people out-of-state, even international, which can complicate document efficiency. Before e-signatures, the buying and leasing process was inconvenient and slow. Switching to e-signature has boosted the process and has increased efficiency for many people. With e-signatures, you and your signers can use your iPad or mobile device–making signatures more accessible, thus making it more efficient for you and your business. SignNow is currently ranked top mobile signing app in the app store.

2. Security and Assurance

Many e-signature sites will provide a document history where you can track the exact times a document was signed and submitted. Make sure the e-signature company you choose to use is ESIGN, UETA, and eIDAS compliant for security assurance. In addition Kim Boatman shares in her article, What to Know about E-Signatures, that “the document content can be locked through encryption technology.” Encryption technology helps to ensure the security of the information within your document. The documents that get passed around through Real Estate deals are sensitive, so do your research and make sure you’re signing through a product you trust. Check out Secure E-Signature’s Security Checklist and make sure your e-signature provider checks all the marks.

3. Storage

In our digital world, we are slowly transforming workspaces into paperless offices–don’t fall behind! The digital space is an effortless place to store data and important information. With some e-signature solutions, you can store data where you’re most comfortable. For example, you could choose to store data on-site, or you could choose to store data in the cloud. Once you’re sure the program you’re using is storing your documents safely, e-signature will start to free up space, time, and energy. In addition, you can archive documents to keep track of them, so ditch your filing cabinet!

There are a lot of e-signature companies out there. So it’s important to find one that fits you and your company’s needs. Because signing documents in a timely manner is so important in the Real Estate world, find a product that is universally easy to use and has the ability to work on mobile devices well. In addition, find a product with high security standards and fair pricing. E-Signature will open up new doors for you and your clients within the realm of Real Estate, don’t look back!