How E-signature Can Make You Stand Out

In today’s workforce, it’s important to stand out. It can be challenging to get a job when you’re applying online and you’re up against a multitude of applicants. Only 4% of recruiters don’t use social media in hiring, meaning that you will almost always be applying for jobs through an online source. So, the question is, how do you stand out?

In Terms of Hiring:

E-signature knowledge can look great on a resume:

E-signature is extraordinarily helpful in a business setting. When employers see on your resume that you know how to utilize e-signature products, it could benefit you tremendously, depending on the business and type of job you’re applying for. Experience in the e-signature field will showcase your ability to utilize all the possibilities of the internet. For more information on spicing up your resume, check out this article from Forbes.

Once you’re hired:

You’ll already know how to sign your new hire information:

Typically, when you get hired for a new position, you’ll have to sign a few documents. In today’s digital world, HR departments love e-signature because it increases the turnaround time, detects incomplete documents, and enables a smooth and easy on-boarding process for employees. Knowing how to utilize an e-signature product will help you to complete the signing process faster (especially since most companies are making the switch to go digital), which will make a good first impression. By signing your documents in a timely manner, you will be showing your employer your dedication, productivity, and efficiency.

If your company does not already have e-signature, show them how to use it:

If your company does not already have an e-signature program in place, you could benefit the company by showing them the importance of e-signature. This is especially true in businesses that deal with documents regularly. For example, if you’re a real estate agent or work at a clinic, your clients will be able to sign waivers and forms on the daily with an e-signature platform. By introducing e-signature to your company, you will be benefitting yourself by adding more value to your work, as well as benefitting the company by bringing them further into the digital age.

Instil a collaborative work environment:

You and your co-workers can share important documents through teams. On the best e-signature platforms, you can typically create a “shared document folder” where you can store all of your team’s information. This will grant all team members access to the templates and documents within this folder and therefore, will make your work environment more collaborative and team-centric.

The workforce is constantly growing and is simultaneously becoming more competitive. Take advantage of the electronic possibilities, in particular with e-signature, that can get you ahead of the curve when it comes to competition. Learn how to be the best you with e-signature!