How Less Effort Can Make You More Productive

Are you interested in working less and getting more done? When you spend less time on assignments that move you towards your goals, you move forward and stay productive in your industry. However, when you work more on assignments that aren’t necessary, you move away from your goals.

Delegating tasks or asking for help from your colleagues might cross a few assignments off of the list, however, if you delegate a task without defining solid personal and professional goals, you risk execution value without actually increasing your productivity.

Here are a few helpful methods to adopt if you’re looking to be more productive and move towards your goals:

Set Goals to Reach Productivity

It’s important to understand that you can’t be productive at something if you don’t have a goal to work towards. Prioritization is about prioritizing your task list by what’s important and necessary. As stated by Productive Flourishing, “If flourishing is the end goal of everything we do, then productivity is the means.” If your daily actions are aligned with your end goals, then you’re being productive.

Setting business or personal goals doesn’t have to be challenging. You can simply write down what goals you want to meet in 5 years, consider what you need to achieve the first year to get there, and then gradually work in increments. Ask yourself questions like, “What do I need to do this month?” and “What can I do this week?” After you’ve asked yourself these questions and have them answered, you can move forward and work towards a productive life.

Create a Task List and Prioritize It

Everyday, you’ll see and learn new things to add to your task list. You can write out your tasks and prioritize them daily or weekly. When you write down your tasks, you can clearly and objectively see the completion time for a task. You can also assess if a task can be completed within a day. However, chances are you’ll need to prioritize the important tasks first.

If your tasks seem unreachable, you can break them down into smaller tasks. Not only will you feel more motivated to achieve your task list, but you’ll feel more productive in your life and business. Whenever there’s an issue with your task, you can break it down and gradually overcome it.

Break Up Your Day

You can work less while dramatically achieving more by breaking up your day and avoiding long hours of work. You can easily breakup your day by working on one task-at-a-time. For example, you can book appointments from 9am to 11am, take a bathroom and/or water break, respond to client emails for 30 minutes, take a lunch break or walk around the town, and lastly, work on an important task with water and snack breaks in between. Remember, the key to success is “smart working,” not overwhelmingly hard working. When you stop working overtime, you’ll increase your productivity.

Use Available Tools

Although you’re fully capable of completing many tasks on your own, don’t be afraid to use any extra help. Using available tools can cut “busy work” time out of your schedule. You can use specific technology tools or software for managing your time, automatically reminding clients, or setting up an appointment booking system, in example. It’s the little things that matter!

E-signature, in particular, is a great professional tool to use in your office or at home. E-signature solutions cut your waiting time on signing, sending, and managing documents, all while increasing your productivity and moving towards your company goals. Learn how to choose the right E-signature provider for your company. 

Take Care of Yourself

Taking care of your health is important for your productivity, too. Mental health is equally important as physical health. You can make time for a good lunch, or even meet with friends during the week to relieve work stress. Regular exercise, a well-balanced diet, and a nice balance of work time will increase your productivity.

Countless people around the world work hard everyday, however, they don’t make much progress. What you need to achieve is productivity in your life, which means setting goals for yourself and shaving off the tasks that slow you down.