These 4 Industries are Switching to an E-Signature Solution

Today, more industries are beginning to switch to an e-signature solution and say goodbye to paper-based, manual processes in the workplace. Choosing an e-signature solution allows organizations to streamline processes and ensure they can meet the demands of each and every one of their customers. Below are 4 industries that are adopting e-signature into their workflow and benefiting from paperless, e-signature technology:


With e-signature for mortgage offices and departments, you can simplify your business processes and streamline signature requests for loans. With e-signature for mortgage, agreement forms and disclosures can be sent, signed, and delivered faster – no need to ever manage paper forms or download any complex software. An e-signature solution provides a quicker loan transaction process, so that payments can be made earlier, too.


In order for construction assignments and projects to be completed on time, managers need to make sure that all documents are signed as quickly and efficiently as possible. With paper-based processes, documents can take up to days to be sent, signed, and delivered, which makes the construction projects late and business profits plummet. However, with an e-signature solution, documents can be sent and signed within minutes, so that your activities are always on track.

It’s useful for construction companies of any size to adopt e-signature for construction. With e-signature, you can easily and quickly request approvals, meet deadlines, purchase orders, send contracts, and focus on building your construction business.


As an accountant, you know that it’s important to get forms signed, sealed, and delivered on time while meeting legal compliance requirements. With e-signature, your transactions can be completed faster compared to faxing or mailing. Also, e-signature software makes sures that your documents are tamper-evident, so that signers can’t modify the documents or forge their signature, for example. E-signature software ensures that the signer is who they say they are, and prevents against identity theft or document fraud.


Do you want to satisfy your customers, as well as streamline your business processes and stay productive in the workplace? With e-signature for insurance, you can have a more efficient and secure communication with customers and agents. You can also have a safe transaction process on mobile  – some e-signature solutions offer mobile compliance, so that you can manage documents and signatures all in one centralized location.