Top 3 Keys for Providing an Outstanding Customer Experience

What’s the secret to Apple’s success? Is it the pricing? The features? The product’s quality? Nope. The number one answer by far is customer experience.

Many entrepreneurs and business leaders often ask for customer service tips and user experience tricks, but there are only 3 top keys to providing an outstanding customer experience and gaining success in the market that they need. Here are the 4 keys to customer experience and success:

1. Be generous to your customers.

The most important key to have before interacting with your customers is that your company is secure. All successful companies come from a feeling of generosity and efficiency. Even if your company isn’t economically thriving, you have to feel that it is. Think of these customer service examples: free coffee refills, free water, or extra milk and sugar for no cost. Contrast those positive examples with all the negative customer experiences you’ve had: additional 50 cents for refills, not using the restroom without making a purchase, etc.

In short, all bad customer service comes from a component of scarcity, or from business owners who’re cheap and don’t want to go out of business by offering anything labeled “free.” If your company feels secure and abundant, then you have several of things to share, and this feeling of generosity will shine in your customer’s experience.

2. The customer is more valuable than your company.

Was there ever a time when you had to make a difficult decision in business, such as taking a job that pays a greater salary but gives you less independence and freedom? The way you most likely resolved it was deciding between two factors: more money, or more freedom. If you want an excellent customer experience, you need to make these values in the forefront and decide if your customer’s satisfaction is a first priority, even above your business profits. In all situations, the customer is more important than your business.

3. Customer service generates profit.

Many companies put a lot of effort into getting more people to buy their products, but they don’t put enough effort into the customer experience. Although more product sales equals a larger profit, it doesn’t necessarily equal a better customer experience. It takes knowledge, effort, and experience to understand that keeping your current customers happy is more profitable.

Customer service is like sales, it’s a driving profit center. In your customer service department, make sure you hire very sweet, likeable, and charming people, so that your customers feel recognized and engaged. Make sure your customers are cared for, and providing with excellent service at all costs. Also, make sure you hire plenty of customer service specialists who will always answer the phone and put the customer needs first. If your employees can’t get this done efficiently, then it’s time to hire again.

Adopting the above three tips in your customer service department will most definitely provide you with a stronger customer experience. Whether you’re an e-signature company, legal office, or marketing company, you need an outstanding customer experience at all costs.