Top Questions Every Buyer Should Ask Their E-Signature Vendor

When you choose the right e-signature vendor, this can increase your company’s efficiency, skyrocket your cost-savings, increase your compliance. In addition, an e-signature service will increase customer satisfaction, and your partners and employees will feel empowered to sign anytime and anywhere, on any mobile device.

Naturally, many e-signature vendors will say they can promise you all of the benefits of e-signature without any risks. Although their claims may look secure and reliable on paper, how do you actually know that that e-signature vendor will simplify your workflows and provide you what you want seamlessly.

We’ve listed several questions that you should ask e-signature vendors before buying their product, so that you can gauge whether or not they offer a successful e-signature solution –short term and long term:

Customer Questions

  • How many customers do you have in your e-signature vendor industry?
  • How many of those customers are using your e-signature solution for similar workflows?

Deployment Questions

  • What percentage of your e-signature customers have gone public with their project or organization?
  • What is preventing or stalling your other customers from going live?

Metric/ROI Questions

User Amount Questions

  • About how many of your customer’s users are sending or signing documents?
  • What percentage of those customer users are internal within the company versus external?

Customer Review Questions

  • How many positive and negative customer reviews do you have?
  • What are the repeated themes that customers are complaining about?
  • What are the repeated themes that customers are satisfied about?

Customer Growth Questions

  • Do your customers grow their e-signature usage each year? What statistics can you provide for this?
  • How many of your customers began using their solution in one department of their organization, and then expanded into another department?
  • How many customers are using your e-signature solution across an entire organization?

When choosing an e-signature provider, you need to confidently assess their advantages and faults as a vendor, and determine whether or not they’re the right vendor to do business with.