What’s the E-Signature and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Integration?

Many e-signature vendors offer an integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365, so that users can get signatures on documents and close deals faster from anywhere in Dynamics CRM. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a top CRM solution that increases company sales and drives productivity to your organization.

When you integrate your e-signature solution with Dynamics 365 CRM, you’ll be able to enhance the overall customer experience and get more documents signed faster. Read below about some of e-signature and Dynamics CRM’s top integration features, including multiple signers on multiple documents, several signing options, built-in reminders, signing on mobile devices, and much more:

Get e-signatures on documents with ease.

Signing or getting quick e-signatures on documents has never been simpler with Dynamics CRM. Depending on your e-signature vendor, users will be able to access all of their e-signed documents, as well as monitor the status of sent documents for signature, without ever leaving Dynamics.

Examine your sales processes in one platform.

Some e-signature solutions, such as SignNow, provide an audit trail that notifies signers when a document has changed, which gives users complete visibility of their document activity and electronic transactions. With SignNow, the Dynamics CRM integration also has built-in tamper-evident technology, so that your documents are protected against unwanted modifications or document fraud.

Close business deals faster.

The e-signature integration with Dynamics CRM ensures faster business deals and increased sales processes, all in one simple electronic platform. With Dynamics CRM, users can route contracts directly to clients, and allow clients to review and approve those contracts in minutes. With SignNow, for example, your e-signature will always be legally binding and backed in any audit trail.

Choose an e-signature solution that’s invested in your success, and that integrates directly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for a faster and simpler business process. Dynamics CRM is easy to access, manage, configure, and customize, so get started on the integration today.