What’s the Real Difference Between E-Signatures and Digital Signatures?

An e-signature is any sound, symbol, or process that’s electronically associated with a document or record that’s adopted by the signer, which indicates their intent to sign. E-signatures are generally electronically signed authorizations, or even a check on a checkbox field in a document. However, there’s a difference between e-signatures and digital signatures that many organizations often find confusing – we’re here to clear the air and address that confusion for you.

What’s the true difference between an e-signature and digital signature?

E-signatures and digital signatures aren’t the same. In fact, digital signatures embed a unique “fingerprint” into documents that the signer is required to possess. For example, the signer of a document needs to have a certificate-based digital ID, or digital certificate, that links them to the document. Although digital signatures provide signer identity verification, digital signatures don’t provide any multiple security benefits.

Why electronic signatures?

E-signatures are the most secure and efficient solution for signing agreements and managing important documents. E-signatures are held accountable by the ESIGN Act of 2000, and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA), which both indicate the highest levels of security and validity of e-signatures. Security is put in place with e-signed documents – some e-signature providers use advanced threat protection and comprehensive audit trails to track the history of e-signed documents, as well as to prevent any malware attempts or company data breaches.

Why is an e-signature solution the best decision for your organization?

E-signatures maintain the highest level of security by making businesses and enterprises more organized, paperless, and fully automated. Choosing an e-signature vendor is the best decision your company will make because e-signatures are convenient, highly flexible, legally accepted across the United States, and cost effective. E-signature is the most crucial option for saving wasted time and money, and it’ll make your organization stand out among your competitors.

How do I get started with e-signatures today?

You can get started with an e-signature solution by choosing the best e-signature vendor for your organization. SignNow, for example, is a leading e-signature solution that provides world-class security backed by Barracuda Networks, and document management efficiency. Make sure you do your research first and choose a reputable e-signature vendor that’s invested in your success.

With an e-signature solution, you’ll gain a peace-of-mind by knowing that your documents are protected and legally binding, and your e-signatures are equally valid and secure.