Why Legal Offices Need to Adopt an E-Signature Solution

In the legal industry, an e-signature solution will enhance client relations. The convenience, simplicity, and practicality of electronic signatures will not only maintain relationships with your clients, but grow your clientele base and make work more efficient. While traditional law offices use manual paper-based systems to bill client hours, paperless offices use an e-signature solution to save administrative time and allocate resources more effectively towards client satisfaction.

E-signatures help legal offices get a number of time-sensitive documents, contract agreements, and payments signed online extremely efficiently. By streamlining legal office workflows and eliminating paper-based expenses, such as shipping, faxing, and scanning documents daily, your office will have a more secure and reliable system for your employees and clients.

Law firms and legal departments can greatly improve their automation, as well as secure their legal documents in a safe electronic record, with an e-signature vendor. Here are some more reasons why your legal office needs to adopt an e-signature solution:

Streamline your office workflows with e-signature.

  • Improve your document automation and efficiency while meeting compliance regulations at your company.
  • Speed up the client experience with a quick, simple, and easy-to-use e-signature solution.
  • Eliminate the risk of missing signatures on documents, or having documents full of errors, i.e.: spelling, grammar, punctuation, or other document errors.

Utilize a visual audit trail to keep track of your documents.

  • Choose an e-signature vendor that offers a visual audit trail to review document history and track the status of outstanding documents.
  • Capture a document’s signing data, such as IP address, date/time stamps, and any document activity by the signer(s).
  • Audit trails provide way more evidence of electronic signatures compared to physical paper signatures

Eliminate all document tampering, identity theft, and cyber attacks.

For more information on e-signature security, and why legal offices need to adopt e-signature technology now, read this information on e-signatures for law firms.