Why Remote Work Means a Better Workplace

More companies are switching to remote work in this digital day and age than ever before. Remote companies save a lot of time and money since there’s no actual office location; in addition, more employees complete productive tasks on time. In fact, telecommuting has increased 79% from 2012 to 2015, which is why your company should consider going remote.

Here’s how remote work can mean a more productive and successful business:

Stay more connected to your coworkers.

Since remote workers are working primarily online building websites, apps, or creating assignments, agencies are better connected through online communication. According to an article on How to E-Signature90% of a user’s time is spent on a mobile app, meaning Weekly meetings over video chat, Skype, or FaceTime allow a team to catch up on general chat and company projects. This online communication allows team members to discuss what they’ve been working on and what they will be working on without having to be in the same location.

Build better relationships.

Most companies know that team building is very important to cultivate a functional workplace. Creating relationships with your team members helps make remote work more enjoyable and comfortable. Many remote companies reach out to coworkers on a weekly basis and schedule local team meetings by location. This keeps team members motivated and on track while working from home – a win-win!

Create a more productive work environment.

It’s highly important to maintain a productive working environment to guarantee that you’ll stay focused and not let any distractions get in the way. Having a space in your home to work on your computer is important for avoiding any distractions.

For a more comfortable work space, you can close your door when working, invest in a comfortable chair, cancel out any surrounding noises, and set personal and professional boundaries for work and home. For example, if you’re meeting coworkers digitally, you want an appropriate work space to video chat in so that you can focus.

Get out of your house.

Remote agencies supports more flexibility in your work environment and more self-pacing in your day. As a remote worker, you can work at coffee shops, run out to get lunch, meet some friends before a meeting, schedule a doctor’s appointment during your day, etc. Because remote working is all about self-pacing, you can center your day around work and leisure on your own terms; this unique flexibility can actually increase work productivity.

If you’re concerned that remote working isn’t as effective due to less face-to-face communication, don’t be. Although you aren’t physically working with your team members, you can always branch out of the house to work at a coffee shop, a park, the beach, or anywhere outdoors. Also, you can ping your coworkers to chat or simply say “hello” if you are feeling isolated.

Although remote businesses are just starting to escalate and gain popularity, they’re just as effective as office work environments and highly promote work efficiency. If you think your business may benefit from remote work or telecommuting employees, don’t be afraid to branch out and do some research!