Why Your Organization Should Consider Choosing the Cloud

Cloud solutions provide incredible advantages for organizations of all sizes, all industries. From accessing your work on multiple mobile devices to making it simpler for your employees to communicate and collaborate with one another, the cloud has a number of benefits. Business leaders feel the cloud is crucial to their organization’s success for a number of reasons, and here’s four of them:

1. The cloud increases collaboration inside and outside of the office.

The cloud allows your organization to collaborate on multiple projects at a time, as well as access work from several mobile devices around the world. Having greater accessibility and work flexibility makes it much easier and simpler for team members to communicate with each other on assignments and share data.

2. The cloud enhances company engagement and contributes to cost efficiency.

The cloud is an economically effective solution for organizations to adopt  – the cloud eliminates manual, paper-based systems, and replaces them with an automated, flexible, and cost effective strategy. The cloud is oftentimes seen as successful because it increases communication with businesses and their customers, as well as increases work engagement.

3. The cloud speeds up processes for all products and services.

Did you know that 52 percent of companies are switching to the cloud and doubling their profits? A cloud solution could increase your company’s performance and offer a more consistent, seamless process to companies and customers worldwide. According to a study by Pb7 Research, small businesses that switched to the cloud doubled their profits and saw a 25% increase in revenue growth; switching to the cloud could increase your company’s profitability and accelerate your performance ratings.

4. Cloud computing is used by several e-signature vendors to securely store documents and personal data.

Some e-signature solution companies, such as SignNow, benefit from the cloud by storing user’s e-signed documents in an on-premises and private cloud solution. With SignNow, data is kept on-site, and it runs completely through your own network, without the need of an online connection. In addition, SignNow’s cloud solution has robust security features, meets all security requirements for you and your organization, and meets compliance needs for HIPAA, FINRA, and more.

Start utilizing the cloud for your organization today, and see the results of a more automated, secure, flexible, and easily accessible solution.