Your Guide to Digital Customer Onboarding

As we progress further into the digital age of self-driving cars, camera photo quality parallel to that of a digital camera, and glasses that function as computers, a lot of people struggle to keep up. The digital market has changed considerably since its initial emergence and therefore there are a lot of new concepts that some people have lots to learn about still.

Customer onboarding, in a definition provided by The Case for Customer Onboarding, is “a structured, standardized way of teaching all new customers about your product or service.” This helps to decrease customer support time while simultaneously increasing customer profitability. Customer onboarding in the digital world is crucial and should be our current generation’s priority to ease people into familiarity with the digital world of e-signatures, navigation systems, and cloud storage. So let’s go through a couple examples and tips on how you could kickstart your digital customer onboarding so that you can stay ahead of the game.

Update technology.

The technology world orbits around the most modern and efficient processes; so to digital customer onboard, this should be where the focus is. Getting rid of old versions of computers and phones is a start; making sure the technological flow is smooth and secure is crucial. By updating your technology in your office or home is a way to start fully immersing people into the digital world with the newest and fastest processes. Want to read more about digital security? Click here.

Simplify the process.

To some, simplifying the digital process could be overwhelming. Some haven’t experienced the newness of this type of digital innovation and will need some simplification. Walking customers step-by-step through whatever process they are confused about will allow them to gain a more organic, well-rounded perspective. Everyone desires simplicity in a sense and will be wary of a process if it seems too complex and complicated. By explaining in depth whatever technology your service has will reduce their anxiety and oftentimes will result in customer awe at how easy your digital service actually is!

Communicate early and often.

Within a certain amount of time after your customers begin utilizing your digital service or product, make sure you reach out to them! It’s important that your customers are  surveyed to see what communication channel they prefer to use. You should also let your  customers know where to access information if needed – examples of communication channels will be social media platforms, blogs, email newsletters, websites, phone, or email.

Offer incentives.

Make onboarding fun for your customers! Starting a new process in the digital world can be perplexing for some, and so, some people might need a little extra push. Incentive tactics such as offering discount codes or gift cards can be fun ways to encourage people to take the step into the digital world that your product or service provides. This will not only generate easier digital customer onboarding, but will also boost customer morales and their perceptions on technological processes.

Give it time.

All of these tips are great in digital customer onboarding, but the most important one is remembering that digital customer onboarding doesn’t happen overnight. People learn and adjust to new things at their own pace, and therefore don’t rush it! Allow your customers to take in the new information at their own pace, and by following the other steps, they’ll  adjust become frequent digital users themselves in no time.

Hopefully these steps help you see how you could ease your customers into the technical world by digital customer onboarding. Walking them through, maintaining patience, and being transparent so that they feel comfortable to come to you with questions is a huge part; the rest is simply providing them the digital tools and giving them lots of patience!

Our world is becoming more and more technical-centric, and therefore, the need to digital customer onboard is huge in uniting consumers! Keep these tips in mind when you start to digital customer onboard and play your role in the digital age. If you want to learn more about the expanding digital world and it’s benefits, click here.